D.O.B.: 6 juli 2017
Colour: SBI b - chocolate point
Sire: IT*Albafeles Bacio di Dama - SBI b
Dam: IT*Albafeles White Tiger- SBI n21

Pedigree: Pawpeds
Bloodtype: A
HCM/PKD echo: wanneer hij oud genoeg is

Ciro is the perfect lovely boy, he has such a relaxed personality. He was frightened of any moment of his travel by plane from Italy to the Netherlands.
He has the bluest eyes I have ever seen, a good chin, lovely cheeks and a gorgous Roman nose with a round forhead. I can't wait to see what a lovely offspring he will get in the years to come.
But first he gets to be a naughty kitten in my group :)

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Ciro enjoying his youngster life in the group
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