The kittens have a Mundikat pedigree (FIFE)

The parents are tested for FeLV/Fiv and through ultrasound for HCM & PKD

The kittens are fully vaccinated

The kittens receive an id-chip and EU-passport

I always sell with a contract, if more information is wished I can send an example through e-mail.

Before they leave the country they will be vaccinated for Rabies

If going for breeding, the kittens can be tested on bloodtype if requested

The kittens will move with a little 'care package' from me

The kittens aren't allowed to roam freely outside, only in a closed off enclosure/garden or something like this

Meer informatie over nestjes kan per e-mail worden aangevraagd of via de telefoon

More information about the kittens can always be asked through e-mail of by calling me. From the foureign languages English is the best for me, German I can understand good enough (but I can't really speak it)