D.O.B.: 2018-01-02
Colour: SBI f21 - seal tortie tabby point
Sire: IC DE*Jesaa's Gin-Tonic - SBI e 21
Dam: Ch. Cyliyana's Daenerys - SBI b

Pedigree: Pawpeds
Bloodtype: A/a
HCM/PKD ultrasound: when she's old enough

         Kissy is the last 'gift' from my queen Dana who had to be neutered unexpectedly after her last litter. From a week after being born my eye fell on this little girl with her lovely build/muzzle. She get's to grow up here and hopefully come with us to an exposition now and then.
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Kissie 13mnd
Kissy 5 weeks
Kissy 14mnd
Kissy 14mnd
Kissy 14mnd