Ch. Cyliyana's Daenerys  "Dana"
2016-06-24 - Chocolate point
Sire: GIC FR* Innoxious de Bout de Bonheur - SBIb
Dam: IC. Daphara's Popske Daantje - SBI h
Bloodtype A/b  Pedigree: Pawpeds
HCM/PKD ultrasound: all good 2018-04-16

After many years Dana is my fresh start for my own 'lines' of Cyliyana's babies. She has done really nice on expo and has had lovely litters already. Unfortunately she had to be neutered, but perhaps she will join us sometimes at an exposition again.
Dana is such a lovely and sweet girl.
Mother of the litters: "Iceland" & "Kisses"
These are my sweet neuters who are also an important part of my group
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D*Thunderlynx Free Spirit
2008-07-21 - Black torbie blotched
Sire: Pillowtalk On Fire (MCO d 09 22)
Dam: Pillowtalk Safira (MCO n 22)

Spirit was a bit older when she came to live with me, originally I planned to breed with her. Her health prevented me from doing that and now she is my much loved neuter girl.
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