This house is ruled by naughty cuddly Sacred Birmans, my name is Manon Oude Moleman, I have the privilege to enjoy all there love and crazy antics.

In the beginning of 2009 I got the confirmation that I could call my cattery Cyliyana's. The name was formed from the names of my very first two Birmans: Cylian en Yade. With them my love for the breed started, the Sacred Birman is extremely lovable and focused on their owners. I am always followed by a 'herd' of cats when I walk through the house, even up and down the stairs.

My goal is breeding healthy and socialized/cuddly kittens, I also try to stick to the race description as far as their looks go. I want to add to the survival and improvement on the race. I breed in all the colours; pointed, tortie pointed, tabby pointed and tortietabby pointed. When choosing future matches health is a strong focus point, my Queens and Stud are tested on the regular FelV/Fiv but also ultrasound tested on HCM/PKD.

I am a member with Mundikat (FIFe)
Begin 2019 I got the Pawpeds G1 certificate
Cylian Cylian Yenthe